Pre-School Room 1

Ages 2.5 to 4 years of age
8 Children, 1 Teacher

Our pre-school program is structured to enhance your child’s learning through both instruction and child directed exploration.   We focus on fostering confidence, independence and creative expression in a loving and safe environment.

We continue to promote self-help skills, cognitive development, positive self-esteem, fine and gross motor skills. We offer many opportunities to learn, grow and develop.  

This program combines children’s self-direction and teacher instruction.   We prepare children for school, developing pre-reading, writing and math skills.   To promote a well-rounded individual, we combine self-discovery and exploration with instruction in academics and arts.

Our specialty program includes more enhanced activities to encourage growth, development and exploration. 


Specialized teachers, certified in each of these fields, share their expertise and enhance your child’s educational program.

To review a sample “rhythm of our day” for the pre-school program please click here.

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